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    German daily reports: Poland has sent to Ukraine all promised weapons

    Poland is the most committed supplier of arms to Ukraine by providing 100 per cent of all promised weapons, the German tabloid Bild wrote on Friday.

    “As Russia has been conducting a brutal invasion of Ukraine for 135 days now Western countries have been supplying Kyiv with weapons but the pace of supplies is slowing down,” said the paper.

    The paper cited a report by the Institute for World Economy (IfW) in Kiel, which analyses the extent to which Western countries’ announcements have actually been implemented that shows that Poland leads in terms of its commitment to supply arms by providing 100 per cent of the promised weapons, worth EUR 1.8 billion.

    There are also other countries which have provided Ukraine with all the promised weapons, but the value of the supplies is much smaller. These include Latvia (EUR 220 million), France (EUR 160 million) and Italy (EUR 150 million).

    The UK has already sent to Ukraine 90.7 per cent of the committed arms and Canada has donated 82.5 per cent of the promised arms, the report said.

    The US has so far provided 38.4 per cent of the total EUR 2.33 billion of its promised weapons.

    According to Bild, “Germany lags far behind” against this background.

    “We promised weapons worth 675 million euros, and so far we have provided only 39.9 per cent of it,” the daily wrote.

    So far the West promised aid worth a total of EUR 80.7 billion. However, from June 8 to July 1, the arm deliveries to Ukraine decreased compared to previous months.



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