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    China to denazify Russia [VIDEO]

    The destruction of the Alexander Column in St Petersburg, the denial of Russian culture and the murder of civilians – this is the result of China’s ‘holy mission’ to denazify Russia. The Russian-language animation is intended as a warning to Russians who support crimes in Ukraine.

    “The episode is aimed at Russians who support the war in Ukraine,” Oleg Kuvaev, the sitcom’s author, said, quoted by Radio Free Europe. “What’s going on in their heads is completely incomprehensible,” he added.


    “The episode aims to criticise the war against Ukraine and ridicule the unfounded accusations used before it started,” Radio Free Europe explained.


    The episode depicts, among other things, the bombing of cities, civilians hiding in shelters and mass evacuations from the affected areas, alluding to the current situation in Ukraine. The animation can be viewed with English subtitles.



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