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    Poland's Special services have identified new Russian filtration camps

    From the beginning of its aggression against Ukraine, Russia began building a network of prisons and filtration camps to which Ukrainians are sent en masse. Poland’ special services have identified new locations. Ukrainians who pass the verification are forcibly sent to Russia. After the usually brutal transport, they are often forced to be recruited into the Russian army and sent to the front. People who raise objections to the invaders are brutally repressed and subjected to torture.

    The apparatus of repression aimed at Ukrainian society was organized on the basis of a system of prisons located in the occupied territories of Ukraine. The Russians use the former headquarters of local Ukrainian authorities, in particular the local police and the State Migration Service of Ukraine. In regions where the Russians have not managed to adapt buildings taken over as a result of aggression, filtration sites are organized in the form of towns and tent camps. (

    The Polish services managed to identify the places that are used as the filtration camps. A list with some specific locations of the Russian torture chambers used against Ukrainians is below:


    ● Donieck, 56 Aksakowa St.  (47.96960292660311, 37.80558685460816)
    ● Dokuczajewsk, Niepodległości Ukrainy 19 St. (47.743853337074576, 37.67403324854076)
    ● Manhusz, 63 Tytowa St. (47.05664649250909, 37.310947454816244)
    ● Nowoazowsk, 69 Kommunariv St. (47.115471, 38.085307)
    ● Starobeszewe, 30 Paszy Angeliny St. (47.751219, 38.031166)


    These locations are just the tip of the iceberg. Since the beginning of the war, a lot of other prisons in occupied Ukraine have been detected.

    The horror of people in the last 5 months continues.


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