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    What about the Vistula Spit Canal and seaport in Elbląg? Deputy Minister explains

    Those in power want the Elbląg port to be given the status of a port of fundamental importance to the national economy, and the state treasury is to have control over it. “The state treasury’s financial and capital involvement in Elbląg will bring tangible benefits to Elblag,” Deputy Minister of State Assets Andrzej Śliwka says. A maritime office is also to be established in the city.

    Deputy Minister Andrzej Śliwka stressed that it is important for the port of Elbląg to become the fourth seaport of Poland, after Gdansk, Gdynia and the Szczecin-Świnoujście complex.


    “We must give it the status of a port of fundamental importance to the national economy. It must be explicitly designated in the law. Above all, it is important that the state treasury has a majority stake in the port for its expansion. The financial and capital involvement of the state treasury in the Elbląg company will bring tangible benefits to Elblag and its residents, cause economic revival, and create new jobs. We want to provide more money for the city and the region,” he commented for “Gazeta Polska Codziennie.”


    Yesterday, the Deputy Minister posted quite a long post on Facebook in which he described the crucial issues related to the Vistula Spit canal. He referred to the works that had been conducted and listed people who supported that idea. 


    “We care about bringing more money to Elbląg. This is exactly what we want! And this is exactly what should unite us,” he wrote.  




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