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    EYOF BANSKÁ BYSTRICA 2022 – Poland with another 3 medals! High jumper Sebastian Antosiak won the first place!

    Poles won two medals on Tuesday at the 16th #EYOF Banská Bystrica 2022 and just when it seems it can’t get better, the Polish team scored three more medals yesterday. Now, we can boast with a gold and two bronze medals. High jumper Sebastian Antosiak won the first place with ease and leapt 2.06m in the competition. To sum up, after three days of the event, Poles have already won 5 medals: two gold and three bronze!

    The Polish medal winners:

    1.  Anna Gaborska – a bronze medal in cycling

    2. Sebastian Antosiak – a gold medal in high jump

    3. Mateusz Golas – a bronze medal in badminton

    4. Julia Bulanda – a bronze medal in judo

    5. Patryk Goszczurny – a gold medal in cycling

    For now, Polish representatives have been doing a great job at EYOF! See more photos here.



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