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    Another Polish woman Dorota Rasińska-Samoćko reached K2's summit

    On the morning of July 28, 2022, another Polish woman managed to climb to the very top of K2, the second highest mountain in the world. Dorota Rasińska-Samoćko is now on the podium of Polish climbers who have crossed out this position from their bucket lists. Worth mentioning, Monika Witkowska reached K2 just a few days ago too.

    This year, K2 has become a target for many climbers from around the world. A few days ago, about 120 climbers (50 clients and 70 Sherpas supporting them) registered at the summit, among them the second Pole on K2 – Monika Witkowska, was happy to climb. The conditions at the top are favorable this season and we are witnessing another successful attack by the team, which includes Dorota Rasińska-Samoćko. This is her 9th eight-thousander. 8 days ago, she climbed Broad Peak. Dorota climbs with the help of supplemental oxygen from the cylinder and with the help of the Sherpas. (

    Monika Witkowska, who also made her dream come true and reached K2’s summit, waited for Dorota Rasińska-Samoćko was waiting for Dorota in the base. Thank to the information published on her social media, we can assume that the girls will return to Skardu together because Monika wanted to leave the base in two days. 

    Officially, Dorota Rasińska-Samoćko is the 3rd Polish woman on K2!

    Translation of the post above:
    WOMEN ON TOP! K2 for another Polish woman! ?
    I have just received information from Monika that in the morning another Pole – Dorota Rasińska-Samoćko, whom I mentioned in the previous post, reached the K2’s summit. The climb to the top was not as fast as her team had planned, even though Dorota was well acclimated after her recent Broad Peak climb. Something stopped them for 2 days because originally the peak attack was supposed to be from Monday to Tuesday … but we will probably find out about the details of this entry as soon as they come back down safely.
    Now Monika is waiting in the base for Dorota, although almost all team have left this place and she would also like to come home as soon as possible. It is possible that the girls will return to Skardu together because Monika plans to leave the base in two days.
    In today’s team of Dorota there was also a 21-year-old British who became the youngest conqueror of K2 by climbing this mountain. Congratulations to these wonderful ladies, as well as to the Belarusian woman who reached the top shortly after Monika and became the oldest woman on K2. She did so at the age of 62. Monika also mentioned Chince He Jing, who was climbing with her to the top on July 22. This woman has an incredible capacity and some climbers say she is from outer space because she climbed Broad Peak yesterday! This is her 8th eight-thousander that she climbed without the use of additional oxygen, and no one has ever seen her even tired! ?
    Our Dorota also has great predispositions because it is her next eight-thousander this year and she goes boldly for the Crown of the Himalayas and the Karakoram. Once again, big congratulations for her, for the third Pole on K2! (Adam Rowicki)



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