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    Putin's mistress subject to US sanctions! It’s like a slap in the Russian dictator’s face

    The US State Department announced the imposition of sanctions on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s alleged partner Alina Kabayeva, as well as other members of the Russian elite and entities and individuals involved in attempts to circumvent sanctions. At the same time, the US State Department sanctioned three more oligarchs and 24 entities in the arms sector.

    Kabayeva is a former gymnast and State Duma deputy and is currently head of Russia’s largest media holding company, the National Media Group.


    A US finance ministry release stated that the woman “has a close relationship with Putin”. She has already been sanctioned by the EU and the UK. According to the Wall Street Journal, Kabayeva was due to be placed on the US list as early as April, but at the time it was considered that the move would hamper efforts to negotiate peace in Ukraine.


    In addition to the former Olympic champion convicted of doping, oligarch Andrei Guriev’s son and a $120 million yacht belonging to him were also sanctioned, as was steel oligarch Viktor Rashnikov, along with his company MMK and two subsidiaries registered in Turkey.


    In addition, state-owned financial institution PPIT was added to the sanctions list for attempting to circumvent sanctions imposed on the Russian Direct Investment Fund by transferring blocked funds out of the fund.


    “While innocent people are suffering from Russia’s illegal aggression, Putin’s allies have enriched themselves and financed their luxurious lifestyles. The Treasury Department will use every tool at its disposal to ensure that Russian elites and Kremlin aides are held accountable for their complicity in a war that has cost countless lives,” announced Department head, Janet Yellen.


    In addition, the US State Department announced its sanctions against three more oligarchs, members of the puppet government in the occupied Kherson region and 24 entities linked to Russia’s arms and technology industries. In addition, the department-imposed visa restrictions on 893 Russian officials and military officers and 31 foreign government officials who supported the Russian annexation of Crimea.




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