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    International K9 Police and Military Combat Dogs Workshops in Poland

    After 5 days, the International K9 Police and Military Combat Dogs Workshops event in Cracow has ended. The participants of the event included: SAS ( Special Air Service) police and military teams from Australia, SBS (Special Boat Service) from Great Britain, KSK and GSG9 Special Forces from Germany, K-Commando from Estonia, Lynx Commando from Slovakia and more.

    The K9 workshops were organized by the Commando Military Unit from Lubliniec and the Central Counter-Terrorism Unit of the Police “BOA”. They were conducted on municipal infrastructure facilities in Cracow and Cracow vicinity. During the workshops, exercises were simulated in conditions as close to real as possible. The entire event was carried out on the basis of scenarios prepared from the lowest level of difficulty to the most difficult, i.e. a muzzle attack on a civilian without outer clothing and an attack without a muzzle on an helper using a thin coverall put under civilian clothes. It is extremely beneficial for the dog’s development and at the same time very painful for the helper.

    Such exercises create the best opportunities to check the dog’s willingness to do real work”, the CPKP “BOA” officer who conducted the K9 workshops in Cracow explains.

    An important element of the workshops was the exchange of experiences. Among others, leading the dog with the laser light to the door behind which the opponent has barricaded himself. This method offers great opportunities for the team that can take safe places and direct the dog. The dog will use a fraction of a second to break through the door, lurk under and attack the enemy.

    List of dogs participating in the international workshops on July 24-29:

    Klakier, Bimber, Ant, Ares, Eto, Gump and Doran (all from Poland),

    Argus (from Austria),

    Zen (from Croatia) ,

    Terror and Saico (from Estonia),

    Gustav, Age, Quintus (from Germany),

    Kobalt and Nero (from Slovakia),

    Drakar, Ducco, Starky (from France).

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