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    56 years of Slovinski National Park

    One of 23 national parks and one of the two, next to the Wolinski, seaside national parks in Poland celebrates today its 56th ‘birthday.’

    Slovinski National Park is located in Pomorskie Voivodeship and is situated on the Baltic coast. It was founded to preserve the unchangeable beauty, of the system of seaside lakes, bogs, peat bogs, meadows, seaside woods and forests, but first of all, to maintain a dune belt of spits with moving dunes, unique in Europe.

    “The unique character of nature of the Slovinski National Park (the SNP) found its grounds in the decisions regarding comprising the area of the Park with international conventions and agreements within the range of nature protection. In 1977 the SNP was embodied in the UNESCO MAB programme “Man and Biosphere”, which objective was to form a global network of biosphere sanctuaries,”

    one can read on the SNP website

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