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    Drugs in the camp of pseudo-ecologists

    Drugs in large quantities indicating their commercial use, gas guns, and crossbows were found by police officers at a camp of pseudo-ecologists blocking forestry work in the Stuposiany Forest District. The forest, which was occupied by members of the Wilczyce Collective, also called the Forest Occupation Movement Wilczyce, is devastated and polluted.

    According to information provided to the State Forests, the activists were aggressive during the police action. Large quantities of narcotic substances, gas guns, and crossbows were found in the camp.


    A section of the forest, where the Wilczyce Collective, has carried out its occupation for more than a year and a half, is heavily damaged and polluted. 


    The police action was not the result of the State Forests. The activist group began occupying the forest in January 2021. Among other things, they blocked the forest road used by the Border Guard and GOPR (English: Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue), making it difficult to carry out rescue operations. Activists erected barricades on forest fire roads.


    The pseudo-environmentalists also occupied a timber yard owned by private individuals. They blocked timber exports for almost 10 months. Throughout the blockade period, they prevented foresters from carrying out forestry work, even necessary work – maintenance. 


    Once the blockade is removed and the area is cleaned up, foresters will be able to begin restoration work.


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