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    Further medals for Poles! Urszula Łoś in Munich and Katarzyna Wasick in Rome

    Urszula Łoś won the silver medal in the European Track Cycling Championships in Keirin in Munich on Tuesday. Katarzyna Wasick, however, with a time of 24.20 won the silver medal in the 50m freestyle at the European Aquatics Championships in Rome.

    Urszula Łoś, who had already presented an excellent disposition in the first round and the semifinals, drew the lead in the first three rounds. Thus, she had her most dangerous rivals behind her and had to fend off their attacks. Two laps before the end she was overtaken by current world champion Friedrich.


    Łoś held on to the medal position for the entire distance, keeping close to the German and fending off attacks from the experienced Frenchwoman Mathilde Gros. This one, however, weakened on the last round and Łoś finished second unthreatened. Starikova moved into third place at the last minute.


    Katarzyna Wasick is definitely the best Polish swimmer in recent years, but Sarah Sjoestroem is an absolute world star. Just as at the World Championships in Budapest in June, the Pole on Tuesday had to recognize the superiority of the titled Swede. 



    This is the second medal for the red and white in this event. On Sunday, the bronze in the 100m butterfly was won by Jakub Majerski.


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    Jakub Majerski on the podium at the European Aquatics Championships in Rome


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