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    Polish volleyball team won with Iran at Hubert Wagner Memorial

    A good start of our representatives! Polish volleyball team won with Iran at Hubert Wagner Memorial in Poland on August 18. The memorial has been organised since 2003 and it is a friendly international volleyball tournament held every year. The official organizer of the event is Hubert Wagner Foundation that commemorates our fantastic player who was responsible for some of the greatest achievements in Polish volleyball.

    The game started with a good set by the Poles, but in the second one it was much harder to score points. Fortunately, the winners emerged in the 3rd set and that was Polish National Team. Our volleyball player gave no chances to their rivals!

    Poland is in the final straight of preparations for the World Cup, which will start in Poland and Slovenia at the end of August. Before the start of the championship, our players will play three more matches at the Hubert Wagner Memorial, where they will face Iran, Argentina and Serbia.

    Poland prepares for this year’s the World Cup that will take place at the end of August. However, they will play another 2 games during Hubert Wagner Memorial. Poles will face Argentina and Serbia. Even before the Wagner Memorial, Poles started a series of friendly matches. Moreover, a few days after the end of the Wagner 2022 Memorial, the World Champions will play also a friendly match against Argentina which is scheduled for August 23.

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