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    Wrocław turns into a city of moving murals

    Wrocław turns into a city of moving murals thanks to the Kinomural project that combines audio-visual art and the urban tissue. It realizes the site-specific idea by creating a gigantic open air gallery in a specific architectural context placed in the city of Wroclaw. The organizers transform side walls of buildings into enormous canvases for moving murals, ephemeral projections in various forms – from video art through sound performance and experimental films, to audiovisual installations. The works tackle various subject matters – some revolve around abstraction and focus on the form, other allude to poetry, social, philosophical, and existential issues.

    The motto of the 2022 Kinomural is a quote from Nick Cave’s song “Fireflies”.

    „We are photons released from a dying star
    We are fireflies a child has trapped in a jar”.

    Fireflies. Fragile and ephemeral creatures. The lifetime of mature members of the species is so short that they don’t take nourishment. Many cultures have seen them as symbols of lost souls whose light came from gods to bring hope. The practical use of the light they produce is mostly to lure partners for mating, to ensure continuation of the species.

    For the first time, this edition is an OPEN CALL to audiovisual artists from around the world. 


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