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    Poles win the Wagner Memorial in grand style. They did not lose a single set to the Serbs!

    Polish volleyball players won against Serbia 3:0 (25:22, 25:23, 25:22) in the last match of the Hubert Jerzy Wagner Memorial. The White and Reds won the friendly tournament, preceding the World Championships, without losing a set.

    The Hubert Jerzy Wagner Memorial is an important test before the upcoming world championships. The Poles started it very successfully. 


    In the first set, Alexander Atanasijević started the game with effective attacks. The Serbians led 3:0, which gave them a moment of confidence. It was only in the middle of the set that the Poles managed to equalise. The Poles got their first lead after a lucky play by Marcin Janusz.


    Until the last balls, the score oscillated around a draw. And then Mateusz Bieniek appeared in the service area. His play knocked the rivals out of their rhythm. The Polish block worked, and the service ace came in. The Polish team bounced back (23:19) and won the set at 25:22.


    In the second set, after an even start, the Serbs were the first to gain a few points advantage. The Poles started to play better… again after Janusz’s service ace when the ball rolled over the net and fell in the opponent’s court. Another point directly from the serve gave a draw (12:12). In the end, the block worked. At 23:23, the Polish team won two balls in a row. 


    The third set was the most difficult to win. When Nikola Grbić asked for a timeout at the 10:13 mark, it seemed that the fate of the game was slowly becoming a foregone conclusion.


    The White and Reds won a contact point (15:16) when Kamil Semeniuk played very well. They scored five points in a row, including three with a block. Not even the time-out requested by the rivals’ coach helped. The Poles won 25:22 and ended the match. 



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