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    Wingsuiters will try to break the World Record on Baltic Wingsuit Meet AWF 22 in Elbląg

    On Monday, August 22, the well known all around the world largest parachute and wingsuit event in Poland will be held at the Elbląg airport. More than 50 paratroopers from all over the world will perform various types of stunts in the air during Baltic Wingsuit Meet AWF 22 World Record. Moreover, it is planned to break the world record for Airplane Wingsuit Formation on Thursday.

    Elbląg is a city in northern Poland on the eastern edge of the Żuławy region. It is also the host of this year’s and previous editions of Baltic Wingsuit Meet AWF. 

    Airplane Wingsuit Formation (AWF) is getting increasingly popular among airplane and wingsuit pilots. Skilled pilots and improved wingsuit performance lead to a larger overlap of capabilities and is becoming more and more attractive. It is an awesome feeling for a wingsuiter to fly side-by-side with a much larger object in the skies! And the airplane pilot gets to experience flying with single people equipped with nothing but a bit of fabric and a rig, right next to the cabin door! (


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