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    'These are Ukrainian terrorists.' Russian media and politicians are in shock after the assassination of the daughter of Putin’s ally

    There is shock and bewilderment in Russia – and especially in the circles closest to the authorities – after the assassination attempt in which Darya Dugina was killed. Firstly, it is unclear who carried out the assassination, as both Ukrainian services and Russian opponents of Alexander Dugin and Vladimir Putin could have been behind it. Secondly, the death of a person so closely linked to the Kremlin means that no one around Putin can be sure of his/her life. Dugin is a fascist and national Bolshevik, the Kremlin’s chief ideologue, calling for the liquidation of Ukraine and Poland – his daughter openly expressed similar views.

    “Izvestiya” on its website reproduces the chronology of Darya and Alexander Dugin’s evening before the “tragedy”.


    So, at 6 pm on Saturday, Dugin gave a lecture on ‘Traditions and History’ at a festival in the village of Zakharovo. His daughter was the guest of honour there. Later, at 9.25 pm, Darya got into her car and left the festival. Her father followed her.


    The girl’s car entered the Możajskoye highway at 9:35 pm, after which a powerful explosion thundered near the village of Bolshye Vyaziomy.


    Initially, law enforcement officials assumed that a gas cylinder had exploded in the car, but after the first visual inspections, the version that an improvised explosive device had been planted in the car became crucial to the course of the incident. The exact location of the explosive device is still unknown. Presumably, it could have been attached to a car in the festival car park. As it turned out, there were no security systems or CCTV cameras there

    – writes ‘Izvestiya’.


    And then it adds that the target could have been Dugin himself.


    A participant of the ‘Tradition’ festival, Peter Lundstrem, in an interview with Russian media suggested that those who blew up the car in which Darya Dugina was, may have been preparing an assassination attempt on her father. He explained that Dugin was supposed to be riding in the car that exploded but decided to change to another car before leaving.


    In turn, the head of the ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’ Denis Pushlin claimed that it was the ‘terrorists of the Ukrainian regime’ who were responsible for the death of the Putin ideologue’s daughter.


    As the deceased’s friend Sergei Alexandrov said in an interview, the girl confessed to him that she was threatened. He identified “representatives of the liberal anti-Russian lobby” as Darya’s main enemies. At the same time, journalist Konstantin Pridybaylo stressed that Darya Dugina, who died in a car explosion in the Moscow region, was a “superpatriot of Russia”.


    According to Vladimir Rogov, a member of the general council of the military-civilian administration of the Zaporizhzhya region, Darya’s active involvement may have led to her car being blown up. He pointed out that the girl was leading her fight against “Ukrofascism and its Anglo-Saxon masters”. In his opinion, “Ukrainian terrorists” probably had their fingers in her death.


    An even more radical theory is held by the writer, co-chairman of Just Russia – For the Truth party Zakhar Prilepin. In his view. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski may have personally ordered the murder of Dugin’s daughter in Russia. 


    The video below probably shows the scene of the tragedy.


    “Daria Dugina, daughter of Alexander Dugin, journalist and editor-in-chief of the United World International, was killed in a car accident on the “Olimpiya” or M1 motorway in Moscow. She was subject to sanctions. Aleksandr Dugin is at the scene of the accident,” it was written on Twitter



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