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    Glory to Ukraine! August 24 is the Independence Day of Ukraine

    PM: “Today is the 31st anniversary of the adoption of the declaration of independence of Ukraine. Poland was the first country to recognize its independence. On this day, I have one wish for Ukraine that Ukrainian soldiers will be able to celebrate independence at home with their families next year.”

    Ukraine’s Independence Day commemorates the anniversary of the country’s independence. Prior to 1991, Ukraine was a constituent republic of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.). On August 24, 1991, after a failed coup in Moscow, Ukraine declared its independence. About 90 percent of Ukrainians voted for their country’s independence following this declaration, on December 1, 1991. (

    Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki shared a special message to all Ukrainians on this occassion:

    “Dear Ukrainian friends! In this difficult time for Ukraine, I look at your fight with admiration, and we are proud to call ourselves your allies. On this special day, I have only one wish for Ukraine – that in a year’s time Ukrainian soldiers will celebrate independence at home with their families. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Poland!”


    The events commemorating this special day will take place today across all Poland, i.e. Warsaw or Cracow, and other cities.

    “(…) For half a year our neighbors have been fighting for freedom and defending themselves against Russian aggression. Many of them, looking for safety, took refuge in #Lublin. On this special day, we think with our neighbors, including our partner cities.” Mayor of the city of Lublin, Krzysztof Żuk published on Twitter.


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