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    Poland's MoD concludes a military contract with South Korea

    The Polish defence minister has approved contracts for the purchase of South Korean tanks and self-propelled howitzers as Poland seeks to boost its security following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

    Under the deal approved by Mariusz Błaszczak, Poland will buy 180 K2 tanks, made by Hyundai Rotem, and 212 K9A1 Thunder howitzers made by Hanhwa Defense. The deals include training, logistics and ammunition.


    All the tanks are expected to be delivered by the end of 2025 with 10 due to arrive this year along with 24 howitzers. The rest of the guns should arrive by the end of 2026.


    During the signing event held at a military base in the northern town of Morąg on Friday, Błaszczak said that negotiations with South Korea for the weapons started only three months ago.


    “We have achieved a lot in a short time,” he said.


    “For Poland’s security, the most important thing is that the first tanks and howitzers will be delivered to the Polish Army this year,” Błaszczak added.


    Poland has supplied Ukraine with a number of its tanks.



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