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    MoD: FA-50 fighters will be delivered to Poland from South Korea next year

    Next year, Poland will receive twelve Korean FA-50 training and combat aircraft, the country’s defence minister has said.

    On Friday, Poland sealed a deal with South Korea to purchase 180 K2 tanks and 212 self-propelled howitzers as Poland seeks to boost its security following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


    “We are strengthening the Polish air force and the Polish armed forces to deter the aggressor,” Mariusz Błaszczak, the Polish defence minister, told a Saturday press conference on Saturday at the Malacky-Kuchyna air base in Slovakia.


    Błaszczak said earlier that this year Poland also plans to sign a deal with South Korea for the purchase of 48 FA-50 planes to replace Poland’s fatigued post-Soviet MiG-29 aircraft.


    On Saturday, he confirmed that under the contract 12 aircraft are to be delivered to Poland in 2023.



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