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    Wojciechowski against CAP budget reduction

    Janusz Wojciechowski, new Commissioner for Agriculture, proclaimed on Tuesday defence of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and actions against its cost reduction.

    Janusz Wojciechowski, EU Commissioner for Agriculture, participated on Tuesday in Brussels in a conference on the perspectives of agriculture in the EU. According to him, the new tasks facing EU agriculture require additional help. Relating to the CAP budget, Wojciechowski repeated that he would make every effort to defend it against all attempts to cut it. – We have a draft budget prepared by the former EC, which is supported by the new EC. The decision regarding the new budget belongs to the member countries. My role is to defend the agriculture budget – he said. On Wednesday, the European Commission will provide detailed information on the European Green Deal, a key EU project that is heading by energy, industrial and economic transformation towards EU climate neutrality by 2050. – If we expect a larger contribution of European agriculture to the European Green Deal, a bigger input into agriculture is needed – he said, adding that these two things tie together completely.

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