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    US B-52 bomber landed in Poland. “It confirms close cooperation”

    The Polish defence minister has said that the arrival of a US B-52 bomber in Poland is proof of this country’s closer cooperation with the US and its growing capability to defend Nato’s eastern flank.

    “Polish-American cooperation is getting closer. A B-52 bomber has arrived in Poland today,” Minister Mariusz Błaszczak wrote on Twitter on Friday.


    “Our interoperability and capabilities to defend Nato’s eastern flank are growing. #Stronger Together,” he added.


    The B-52, also called Stratofortress, is a US long-range heavy bomber, designed by the Boeing Company in 1948. It is capable of carrying 31,500 kilogrammes of various types of conventional weapons (bombs, mines, rockets) and nuclear bombs. It can also carry 20 cruise missiles for attacking at greater distances.


    At least two US B-52 bombers arrived at the RAF Fairford air base, England, on Aug. 18, for another rotation through Europe as the Russian aggression against Ukraine continued for over six months. The jets aim to improve the cooperation of Nato forces.

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