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    A tiger escaped from a Ukrainian zoo. It has turned up in Slovakia

    A young tiger that escaped from a Ukrainian zoo has turned up in eastern Slovakia, media reported on Sunday, citing authorities in the municipality of Ulychne near the border with Ukraine. Forest guards, police officers and vets equipped with tranquillisers are patrolling the area.

    “We would like to inform you that there is a tiger in the neighbourhood of the municipality that escaped from a zoo in Ukraine. We ask everyone to be vigilant and to limit their stay outside their homes. If anyone spots the animal, they should contact the police or the municipality,” the municipal authorities informed on their website.


    The appearance of the predator was reported to the head of the municipality by the police, who had already received a message from Ukraine on Saturday about the tiger’s escape. The animal was also photographed by border video surveillance cameras. The Slovak media write that from the photo it appears to be a younger individual.



    Police appealed for caution and not to take any risky actions. The animal is dangerous. The Poloniny National Park, where the tiger appeared, is patrolled by rangers, police officers and veterinarians with guns with tranquilising bullets.


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