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    Volleyball Men’s World Championship: Poles in the quarterfinals!

    Poland easily defeated Tunisia 3:0 in the 1/8 finals of the Volleyball World Championships. For promotion to the medal zone, the Polish team will play against one of the favourites of the tournament – the USA.

    The Polish volleyball players slowly gained momentum in the first set. The Tunisians did not frighten the world champions and played their best. They managed to stop Bartosz Kurek several times. As time went by, however, the Polish volleyball team was able to move on and in the end, definitely dictated the pace. 


    Once the Poles caught their rival, they were not going to let go. The second set continued at a rapid pace, with the Tunisian team unable to keep pace with the world champions. Kurek improved his stats in attack, Marcin Janusz played well, and Jakub Kochanowski was great in the middle of the net. They did not let the rivals gain too many points and eventually won at 25:15. 


    There were no surprises in the third set too. The team led by Nikola Grbić was better than their rivals in every element of the volleyball craft. The Poles attacked better, served better and blocked better. The set was very dynamic. Poles proved to be better and also won the third and the last set. 



    In the quarterfinals of the volleyball world championships, the Polish volleyball team will once again face the USA. The Americans – whom the Poles defeated 3:1 in the group stage – had fought a dramatic battle for promotion against Turkey in Gliwice a few hours earlier. The favourites won only after a tie-break.



    Poland – Tunisia 3:0 (25:20, 25:15, 25:20)


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