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    Volleyball Men’s World Championship: Poland to fight for gold! What a match!

    Great match for the Polish volleyball team! The Poles fought against Brazil to advance to the final. The match was incredibly exciting. Both teams played very well, and accurately. But it is the Poles who will play for gold tomorrow! What a match that was!

    The first set started with an even game. However, it was the Brazilians who broke the Polish team and built up quite an advantage. The end was nervous and exciting. The Poles made up for the loss and with the score 23:24, the Poles had almost drawn when it turned out that there was a net touch and it was the Brazilians who won 25:23.

    In the second set, the Poles were invincible. Despite an even start, the Poles escaped the Brazilians and built up a big lead. They tried to keep it until the very end and won the set in beautiful style.

    The third set started with a big advantage for the Brazilian team. However, the Poles ‘woke up’ at 10:12 and started to gain points. They started to play very precise, accurate and aggressive. They built up a sizeable lead and left their rival no chance to level the score. Emotions were high until the very end, but the Poles were definitely better and won the next set.

    The next set started very evenly. Once the Brazilians were leading, once the Poles. Neither team was able to build a bigger lead. The game was incredibly even and dynamic. The game seemed to start again when both teams levelled the score again at 16:16. At the end of the set, the Brazilians came out to a 19:16 lead. The coach of the Polish national team asked for a time out to mobilise the team. However, it did not help. At one point, Brazilians scored as many as 5 points in a row and led 22:17. The end was terribly nervous. The Poles started to make mistakes, but they fought for every point until the very end. However, it was the Brazilians who won the fourth set and thus drew 2:2.

    Tie break was incredible! The Poles were incredibly determined and built up a 7:5 lead right from the start, but the Brazilians did not let up and equalised at 7:7. After the time out, both teams went point for point. What an emotion it was. Both teams did not give up until the very end. POLES DID NOT GIVE UP AND WON 3:2!

    Poland – Brazil 3:2 (23:35, 25:18, 25:20, 21:25, 15:12)


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