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    Kaminski will bring declassified CIA documents on fall of communism

    During his visit to the United States, Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski received declassified materials from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) about the fall of communism in Central European countries.


    Stanisław Zaryn, press spokesman of Minister Kaminski, said on Wednesday PAP that recently declassified documents include 105 short-term CIA analyzes regarding the end of communism in Europe. Zaryn said that the materials not only document the fall of communism in Poland, but also refer to other Central European and Balkan countries. The minister had read the documents earlier – immediately after declassification. After returning to Poland, he will present American documents to the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN).

    The official publication and discussion on CIA archived articles was the culmination of the Washington conference on the 30th anniversary of the collapse of the Soviet Union, during which Kaminski was the main speaker. The conference was co-organized by the Woodrow Wilson International Center of Scientists and the CIA.

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