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    Sara James did not win the 17th edition of “America's Got Talent” but her dream came true

    Sara James did not win the 17th edition of “America’s Got Talent”. She was defeated by a women’s dance team from Lebanon. The Mayyas dancing group from Lebanon won this year’s edition of the famous talent show in the US. As a consolation, Sara had the opportunity to perform on stage with her idols, the Black Eyed Peas music group. “She is like Rihanna, only better!”

    Before the announcement of the results, the young Polish singer performed on the stage with the Black Eyed Peas band, with whom she sang the popular song called “Let’s Get It Started”. What a great duo! Sara could present her extraordinary vocal talent in several moments of the rap song and the audience was amazed. They were delighted with the song and after the performance, the artists got a standing ovation.

    The ultimate $1 million prize was won by the Mayyas dancing group. Check the video of the 1st place performance of the AGT final below:

    Sara James congratulated the winners on her official Facebook account:

    Sarah James did not make it to the top 5 and America’s Got Talent fans couldn’t believe it. For them, Sara was a favorite from the very first performance. However, she won the hearts of lots of people and we are sure that the participation in the show was a great career move for the young artist. Her popularity has become worldwide and we are proud to observe how great she deals with all ups and downs. Congratulations to all finalists!

     “Sarah James has already won in a way. American journalists who sat next to me during her performance said “She is like Rihanna, only better!” TV journalist and US Correspondent Joanna Pinkwart published on Twitter.

    Check the video of Sara James and Black Eyed Peas Perform “Let’s Get It Started” | AGT Finale 2022 below: 

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