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    Johnson test

    Today’s general election in the UK will be a great test for all the British political parties. However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party face the greatest challenge. Johnson called the election to break the parliamentary deadlock over Brexit. Tomorrow, in the first December election since 1924, voters will decide whether or not they will give the Prime Minister the mandate he seeks to finalize Brexit on the terms of his deal.

    On the final day before the parliamentary elections in the United Kingdom, the political campaign is at its peak. Recent polls suggest a victory for the Conservative Party, but a Tory victory is not certain. Party leaders are head-to-head in last minute attempts to attract  undecided voters: some speak at rallies, others… bake cake.

    The Conservative Party needs an independent majority in the House of Commons to be able to carry out Brexit, according to its plan. Meanwhile, the media is sharply criticizing the behaviour of Johnson, who during one interview ignored the situation of a boy diagnosed with pneumonia who had to lie on a hospital floor because of a lack of beds.

    As the campaign ends, the leaders of all parties are mobilizing their supporters.

    In order to be certain of gaining an independent majority, the conservatives must obtain over 40% of the votes, as well as a 10-point poll lead over the Labour Party. If this happens, Boris Johnson will be able to finalize Brexit by the end of January 2020 on the terms of the deal which the House of Commons approved. 


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