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    14th Olympics of seniors “The Third Age to start” at Silesian Stadium in Chorzów, Poland

    On September 16 – 17, at Silesian Stadium in Chorzów, one of the largest sports events addressed to seniors took place. It was the 14th National Olympiad of senior citizens’ associations and a University of the Third Age. The Olympics entitled “The Third Age to start” is an event of international importance, which promotes health and active leisure for the age-group 50 and older. It also teaches mature people how to take care of their bodies and physical fitness and helps to develop healthy habits.

    “Seniors are a very important social group As we saw during the next #OlympicsOfSeniors, they have a lot of energy and joy in life People in the strength of many may feel ashamed. Congratulations to all participants and I invite you to the next edition”, Marshal of the Silesian voivodeship Jakub Chełstowski published on Twitter.

    Seniors took part in the traditional march of joyful parade of teams, in which the participants of the Olympics transmit positive energy, break the prevailing stereotypes and show that “not only young people love competitions”. In addition, the players bring with them a piece of their small homeland, presenting its culture, traditions and customs. Folk costumes and regional chants that accompany the joyful, spontaneous parade prove how beautiful regions are represented by the competitors and how much the Olympics connect generations and regions. 

     “As a representative of @pisorgpl of the #Katowice @piskatowice district, I met the MEP @ j_wisniewska During #OlympicsOfSeniors together with the district secretary @BartoszWydra, we talked about the government’s senior policy @MorawieckiM and many activities for seniors @AC_Sobol”, he added.

    The participants competed in various sports competitions. This year it was: running, swimming, shot put, archery, table tennis, bicycle crosses, bridge tournament, boule tournament. Seniors took part in the conference “Let’s talk about health, sports and tourism.” The last solemn moment of the Olympics was the ceremonial presentation of all the medalists, which began on September 17 at 4:00 p.m.
    Each year, the Olympics are accompanied by pro-health preventive events, conferences, meetings, open-air workshops, discussion panels and artistic performances.


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