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    Protest outside the Warsaw detention centre. Czuchnowski retweets fake news from Stonoga. “Nobody was killed” the Prison Service explains

    On Sunday evening, a group of people gathered in front of the detention centre in Warsaw’s Białołęka district and, among other things, used firecrackers. They were protesting against new prison regulations. A newspaper owned by Zbigniew Stonoga reported: “Attention. Prisoner revolt in Białołęka detention centre”. This fake news was further reported by “Gazeta Wyborcza” journalist Wojciech Czuchnowski.

    The incident took place on Sunday at around 8 p.m. A group of people had gathered in front of the gate of the Warsaw Białołęka detention centre on Ciupaga Street to protest new prison regulations, according to the journalists’ findings. The new regulations, which came into force on Saturday, include the elimination of privileges in the use of health care by convicts, the strengthening of security in prisons and better training and efficiency of the Prison Service.


    According to the Capital Police Headquarters’ spokesperson, Superintendent Sylwester Marczak, additional patrols were directed to the site by the police in connection with the gathering.


    “In the meantime, the assembled people started to raise shouts while using firecrackers. When additional forces from the Police Prevention Unit arrived on the scene, decisive action was taken,” emphasised the police officer.


    He pointed out that during the police intervention, people had started to flee and some of them had abandoned their vehicles. “A total of six cars were towed away. More than 20 persons were identified. Three persons were detained. More than a dozen fines amounting to PLN 7,500 were imposed,” he reported.


    Meanwhile, ‘Gazeta Stonoga’ sees it in a different light. The fake news is explained by Colonel Elżbieta Krakowska from the Prison Service.



    According to the newspaper, there was a revolt by the prisoners. It was even reported that weapons were used and there was a fatality.


    The case is explained by the Director of the General Office of the Prison Service, Colonel Elżbieta Krakowska.


    “On Sunday there was an incident in front of the detention centre. A group of dozens of pseudo fans appeared there. Police restored order,” Krakowka said


    She explaines that the incident did not in any way affect the way the detention centre operates. Moreover – as Krakowska emphasises – no weapons were used and no one was killed.





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