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    500 plus allowance before Christmas

    Family minister Marlena Maląg appealed to the voivods and local governments for the efficient payment of “500 plus” before Christmas. – Benefits from various support systems, primarily from the “Family 500 plus” program, constitute an important part of the household budget – she emphasized.

    The Minister points out in a statement posted on the Ministry website that the period before Christmas is a time of increased spending for families. Maląg appealed to the voivods to transfer funds to local governments as soon as possible in December, so that the funds could reach families before Christmas. From July 1 this year “500 plus” parental benefit is payable on all children under 18 years of age, regardless of their family’s income. According to the ministry’s estimates, after expanding the formula of the “Family 500 plus” program, around 6.8 million children can benefit from support.

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