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    Morawiecki claims Russia will continue the “work of destruction” of Ukraine

    The Polish prime minister has said that Russia “will continue its work of destruction” in Ukraine and its attempts to seize territory following Putin’s announcement of partial mobilisation.

    Mateusz Morawiecki was reacting to the Russian president’s plan to boost troop numbers, which was announced on Wednesday morning.


    “The news of a partial mobilisation in Russia has been confirmed,” the prime minister said while observing the Bear-22 military exercises in the south-eastern Podkarpackie province. “Russia will continue its work of destruction, will try to bring about the destruction of Ukraine, to seize parts of its territory.”


    Morawiecki added that Russia has suffered severe defeats recently and “that’s why they have moved on to a new plan, they want to change borders, maps in the eyes of the world, they want to seize, to annex, some territories.”


    “We cannot agree to that,” he continued. “We want to live with Russia in peace, with a peaceful Russia, with a Russia peacefully oriented towards the whole world. But when Russia shows its brutal force, we must show our defensive force.”


    The prime minister added that Poland is part of the biggest and most important military alliance in world history – Nato. 


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