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    President with high support

    In December, 63 percent surveyed by CBOS assesses Andrzej Duda’s presidency well, 29 percent – negative. December head of state quotations are similar to those of the previous month.

    Currently, Duda’s presidency is well rated by 63 percent respondents, by 2 percentage points weaker result than in November. 29 percent negatively assess him. (unchanged), and 8 percent respondents have no opinion on this subject (increase by 2 percentage points). The CBOS noted that despite a slight decrease in positive reviews in relation to November results, the head of state’s quotations can be described as relatively stable. In a December survey, respondents first assessed the work of newly elected deputies and senators. The CBOS pointed out that the recent quotations of both houses of the old parliament were exceptionally good. “Against this background, the new Sejm fares worse, and the new Senate slightly better” – it was emphasized.

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