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    Poland may double the gas volume in Q4 thanks to Baltic Pipe

    Poland may count on double volumes of gas to be pumped through the newly-built Baltic Pipe pipeline in the last quarter of the year after Denmark announced its section of the pipeline may reach full capacity a month earlier than planned.

    Danish pipeline operator Energinet said on Saturday that its section of the Baltic Pipe, a pipeline that has been built to pump natural gas from the Norwegian Shelf through Denmark to Poland, will reach full capacity earlier than expected, by the end of this November instead of January 1, 2023.


    Mateusz Berger, the Polish government’s commissioner for strategic energy infrastructure, told PAP later on Saturday that Poland’s pipeline operator Gaz-System had reported full readiness to launch the Baltic Pipe.


    “We also have good news from Denmark,” Berger said. “Despite ongoing works, the full capacity of the pipeline will be achieved earlier than originally planned.”


    According to Berger, “this should enable us to double the volume of gas that will be pumped to Poland through the new route in the last quarter of this year.”


    Baltic Pipe, a multi-billion investment that will increase Poland’s independence from Russian gas, is scheduled to open on October 1.

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