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    The 11th edition of “Night at the Institute of Aviation” in Warsaw

    After two years of break, “Night at the Institute of Aviation” enters a new decade with new ideas, even greater enthusiasm and motivation to satisfy the curiosity and thirst for knowledge of aviation, space and engineering science enthusiasts. The “Night at the Institute of Aviation” is an extraordinary and one-of-a-kind project that perfectly fits the Łukasiewicz – Institute of Aviation mission, which is the wide promotion of engineering sciences and the aviation and space sectors. The next edition of the event will take place on October 7, 2022 in Łukasiewicz – Institute of Aviation in Warsaw.

    The Science in Poland webpage is the media patron of the 11th edition of the popular science event, during which Łukasiewicz – ILOT opens the research facilities of the Polish and global aviation and space sectors to visitors.

    The Institute will prepare, for example, three wind tunnels and numerous laboratories, including those dealing with hybrid drives, environmental research, composite technologies, materials science, heat transfer and fluid mechanics, and the so-called motor school. The researchers will show their projects: ILR-33 AMBER rockets, rocket engines and drones. Experts from aviation and drone companies and universities will be at the disposal of the guests.

    Participation in the event increases every year. The 10th “Night at the Institute of Aviation” in 2019 was visited by over 51,000 visitors in just 6 hours. In total so far, over 300,000 people have visited the Institute.

     We believe that learning through direct contact with professionals, the possibility of touching and entering a flying machine, or visiting the laboratory in person is the best incentive to learn – the organizer of the event, Magda Wiejacha said

    The organizers have prepared six demonstrations of aircraft engine firing. They will be performed alternately by Harvard, Iskra and Lim-2 planes. Fans of simulators will also find a wide offer. The three-hour simulator show will be performed by the Virtual White-Red Sparks team. The show will be modeled on the layout of the “White-Red Sparks” for 7 airplanes. Before the show, visitors will be able to try the controls of the plane on a simulator.

    Other flight simulators will also be available at the Institute, including: F16, Boeing 747, Cessna, Pirat glider, parachute jumps, RC models, as well as a tower simulator and gyroscopes simulating the pilot’s working conditions.

    Rescue groups will provide motoambulances and organize search dog shows. Specialized fire-fighting equipment and drones used in medical transport and rescue will be presented.



    The 11th “Night at the Institute of Aviation” will take place at Łukasiewicz – Institute of Aviation, al. Krakowska 110/114 in Warsaw.

    The exhibition will be available from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Entrance is free of charge.


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