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    Battle for the UK

    Tonight, at 10 pm UK time when the polling stations close, we will have the results of the exit polls from today’s UK general election. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party is the favorite to win. If the party wins a majority, the prime minister will be able to end the first phase of Brexit by passing his Withdrawal Agreement into law by 31st January next year.

    Today’s parliamentary elections in Great Britain will not only decide who will govern the country, but will help to answer the question of Brexit. Party leaders Jo Swinson, Jeremy Corbyn, Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson voted early in the morning. The prime minister caused a scene by going to the polling station with his dog, but he did not reveal to reporters who he thought would win the race. The First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon and Jeremy Corbyn, head of the Labour Party, were hoping for a good result for their respective parties.

      ”The Conservative Party is favourite to win the elections. In recent polls they had an advantage of 5 to even 12 points advantage over the Labor Party led by Jeremy Corbyn. If this is reflected in today’s vote, the Tories will win the expected majority in the House of Commons, which is likely to allow Boris Johnson to carry out Brexit on the terms of his withdrawal agreement. Many Britons do not hide their frustration at the deep political divisions and that Brexit has caused”- says Jeremy Corbyn, Labour party Leader.

    The polling stations will stay open 11 PM Polish time. After the exit polls results appear, the results from individual individual constituencies will be coming in through the night. The first meeting of the new parliament is scheduled for December 17.


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