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    New EU sanctions draft against Russia includes suggestions by Poland

    The draft of an eighth round of sanctions to be imposed by the EU on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine includes proposals made by Poland, the country’s ambassador to the EU has said.

    “Today, the European Commission presented proposals for legislative provisions on regulations concerning the sanctions,” said Andrzej Sadoś on Wednesday. “At the moment, we are analysing these proposals, but I can say that this eighth package includes an entire range of solutions proposed by Poland and by a group of our coalition partners.”


    “Last week, Poland was among a group of countries which presented new proposals for the next sanctions package,” he said. “We began talks with the European Commission and other member states, bearing in mind that we must remain united.”


    He also noted that the sanctions package includes a list of several dozen individuals involved in the Russian military effort and preparation of false referendums.


    Sadoś added: “We are including in the sanctions list an entire range of goods and products imported from Russia, and estimate the value of these imports at well over EUR 10 billion. They will include steel, steel products, wood, paper, a whole range of other products, the sale of which supports the Russian budget.”


    On the export side, the sanctions lists will include electronic goods, microprocessors, and products used in the aviation industry, such as tires and lubricants.


    “We hope that the work will be finalised in the next few working days so that the eighth package can be adopted before the informal European Council summit that will be held in Prague next week,” Sadoś concluded.


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