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    Poland to take steps according to natural gas price cap at EU ministerial meeting

    Poland’s environment and climate minister has announced the country will table a motion at a Friday ministerial meeting in Brussels to introduce a maximum price for natural gas.

    Anna Moskwa said, ahead of the sitting of EU energy and climate ministers, that the motion was supported by 15 member states.


    “A great disappointment because in the proposition that appeared on the table there was nothing about gas,” Moskwa said. “Recently this proposal was supported by 15 states. The letter, which we prepared jointly, is also signed by 15 states… Many countries did not sign it but also support the proposal.”


    Moskwa added that according to her calculations, the proposal was supported by the majority of member states. “We will move for its inclusion on the agenda at the beginning (of the ministerial meeting in Brussels – ed.),” Moskwa said. “We have it ready.”


    She hoped that with such widespread support the issue could not be ignored.


    In addition to Poland, the letter sent to the European Commission on Tuesday demanding a cap on gas prices was signed by Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.


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