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    Get your free reflective band and set an example!

    The Police launched an informational and educational campaign aimed at pedestrians called “Set an Example” at the beginning of October. The campaign will last until the end of the year. Its purpose is to remind and educate pedestrians, including seniors, about the need to use reflective elements and move safely on the road. Remember that a small reflective element can save your life because it makes you visible to the driver from a distance that gives him time to slow down and you can safely pass the pedestrian crossing.

    The most difficult months of the year in terms of road conditions are still ahead of us. Using the road at this time requires increased attention of its users. The police created a special campaign for Poles to remind them that if a pedestrian moves along the side of the road, he should walk on the left side of the road (facing oncoming traffic).

    Unfavorable weather conditions and a shorter day make pedestrians on the road hardly visible to drivers. Therefore, wearing reflective items such as vests or bands should become a habit for them. In certain situations, it is also an obligation. Pursuant to the provisions of the Road Traffic Law in Poland, pedestrians who walk on the road after dusk outside built-up areas are required to use reflective elements in a way that is visible to other road users.

    The same applies to cyclists and people using scooters, who are more and more visible on roads. Despite the obligatory lighting in white and red, an additional reflective element on the clothing will be an advantage in terms of visibility. Pedestrians and cyclists are unprotected road users who have very little chance of getting out of the incident unscathed in contact with the vehicle. So let’s do everything to “set an example” and feel safe on the road.

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