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    The world premiere of “High Water” (Polish: “Wielka woda”) on Netflix

    “High Water” (Polish: “Wielka woda”) is the latest Polish political drama series against the backdrop of a natural disaster inspired by the real-life events of the Millennium Flood which hit Poland, as well as parts of the Czech Republic and Germany in 1997. It is a six-episode series directed by Jan Holoubek and Bartłomiej Ignaciuk, based on the scripts of Kasper Bajon and Kinga Krzemińska. Starring: Agnieszka Żulewska, Tomasz Schuchardt, Ireneusz Czop and Marta Nieradkiewicz, Mirosław Kropielnicki, Anna Dymna and Tomasz Kot. The series was released on Netflix on 5th October.

    When the flood wave approaches the capital of Lower Silesia, a decision is made to save the city from the destructive elements, the surrounding villages and fields should be sacrificed.

    July 1997, a great flood wave is approaching Wrocław. The local authorities, led by the aspiring official Jakub Marczak, bring a qualified hydrologist, Jasmine Tremer, to the city to save it at all costs. At the same time, Andrzej Rębacz returns to his hometown Kęty near Wrocław, unexpectedly becoming the head of the rebellious inhabitants of the village. 


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