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    Polish president recognizes EU unity in face of Ukraine war as a 'big success'

    The EU’s united stand against Russia’s war on Ukraine is a clear success, Poland’s president, Andrzej Duda, said on Thursday in Malta, where he is attending a meeting of the Arraiolos Group.

    Summing up the Arraiolos talks, which brought together the heads of states from 15 EU countries, Duda said they had focused on the EU’s international role.


    “We mainly spoke about the effectiveness of the EU, a community to which we all belong. About its strength, which is so important,” Duda said.


    The Polish president said he was pleased with the EU’s response to Russia’s attack on Ukraine.


    “From the very outset, as president of a country neighbouring Ukraine, I viewed the EU’s stance towards Ukraine with satisfaction,” Duda said.


    “It is doubtless a big success for such a large community of states to impose sanctions when several of them had very serious economic ties with Russia,” Duda said.

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