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    The Polish – Swiss Innnovation Day conference 2022 [VIDEO]

    The 7th edition of the “Polish – Swiss Innnovation Day” conference was held on October 7. It is an annual event organized by the Swiss Embassy in Poland and the Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce. The theme of this year’s meeting was “Innovation in Financial Services: Sustainable Finance and Fintech. The financial sector as a driver of the green transformation and of new digital tools – exchange of experiences between Switzerland and Poland”.

    The Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1998 and is located in Warsaw. It is a voluntary association in Polish law, not funded by public institutions. The Chamber currently has about 180 members, which include most of the Swiss companies operating in Poland.

    The Chamber seeks to establish favorable conditions for the development of Polish-Swiss economic relations. Our objectives include the following:

    – to support the business activity of our member companies (networking)
    – to act as a representative body for Swiss investors in Poland and Polish investors in Switzerland
    – to promote and support Polish-Swiss economic relations, develop cooperation with other bilateral chambers, as well as Polish and Swiss business organizations
    – to promote Swiss investments in Poland and Polish investments in Switzerland


    The event was recorded to assure easy access to the conference proceedings:


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