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    It is high time for the partition of Russia. Poles from Irkutsk declare independence

    Following the tumultuous referendums held in the Russian-occupied Ukrainian territories, the vast majority of countries in the world have condemned it. These countries did not recognise Russia’s actions, especially as it is known that they were rigged by the Russian occupier. The Czechs annexed Kralovec (Kaliningrad – ed.) and thus gained access to the sea. After the Czechs, it is time for the Polish expats living in Siberia. Will the inhabitants stand for the annexation of Irkutsk oblast to Poland?

    Obviously, the latter two are a kind of Internet joke aimed at ridiculing Russian attempts to annex the Lugansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions through an illegal referendum. A profile called Irkutsk on Twitter stated that Poles living in the former areas of mass civilian deportations would like to return to their homeland after many years of Russian oppression. 


    “Welcome to the official profile of Irkutsk. After 300 years of oppression, the descendants of the Polish Siberian exiles decided to declare independence and hold a referendum on their return to the Motherland. 98.13% of the citizens of former Irkutsk Oblast voted for joining Poland,” we read in the tweet of Irkutsk’s profile.



    This is probably a half-jokingly described matter. The history of Poles living there is shrouded in disrepute and associated with Sybiraks (refers to Poles imprisoned or exiled to Siberia – ed.). Most of the Poles living there are certainly ancestors of the deportees.

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