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    Day 233: S300 missiles fall on Zaporizhzhia [VIDEO]

    This morning, S300 missiles fell on Zaporizhzhia again. Infrastructure facilities and residential houses were bombed.

    The aggressors are showering Ukraine with missiles that fall on energy-related facilities, among others. According to intelligence reports, there are fewer and fewer of them in storage. In turn, Russian Ukraine commanders treat mobilized soldiers, who mostly lack basic military training, as “cannon meat” easily replaced by new ones. 


    “Today, seven missiles have fallen on Zaporizhzhia. Nobody died. Only one family hid in the basement and was trapped under the rubble. But the rescuers saved them quickly. There aren’t even any injured people, so it’s fair to say that today is a lucky day,” Ołekandr Staruch, the Head of the Military Administration of Zaporizhzhia, said.



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