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    President on Nuclear Sharing. Survey: Poles are in favour of this idea

    The topic is open – this is what Polish President Andrzej Duda said about Poland’s possible participation in Nuclear Sharing, NATO’s nuclear program, in an interview with “Gazeta Polska.” It turns out that more than half of Poles support such a solution, especially – young people.

    As many as 54.1 per cent of respondents believe that Poland should participate in NATO’s “Nuclear Sharing” program, which would allow us to have access to nuclear weapons. Only 29.5 per cent are against it, and the rest have no opinion, according to an IBRiS poll commissioned by Rzeczpospolita.


    As reported, the program allows nuclear warheads to be made available to member states without such weapons.


    It added that those “in favour” are mainly supporters of the United Right (68 per cent), young people under 29 (93 per cent), residents of large cities (64 per cent), and people with a high school education (60 per cent).


    “This program allows nuclear warheads to be made available to member states that do not have such weapons. Since 2009, U.S. nuclear weapons have been located in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Turkey under this program. President Andrzej Duda has revealed that talks are underway with US authorities on the subject,” the newspaper recalls.


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    The respondents were also asked whether they were afraid of Putin using nuclear weapons against Ukraine. 


    “The IBRiS survey shows that such fears are shared by as many as 48.7 per cent of those asked, while 39.6 per cent have a different opinion, and the rest do not know how to answer. The escalation of the war in Ukraine is feared mainly by voters of the United Right (50 per cent), women (56 per cent), people aged 40-49 (68 per cent), rural residents (62 per cent), and those with higher education (54 per cent). The survey was conducted last weekend, i.e., before Monday’s massive missile strike by Russia on targets across Ukraine,” “Rz” reported.

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