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    World Sudoku&Puzzle Championships 2022 in Cracow start today!

    Today, on October 16, the most clever minds who enjoy brain teasers will come to Cracow to participate in the World Sudoku&Puzzle Championships. Teams from 34 countries (Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America) are registered. Over 400 participants will take part in the first championships after the pandemic. Brain teasers, such as puzzles and sudoku improve the cognitive abilities of the brain, and have a positive effect on intellectual development and maintaining the ability to think in people of all ages. It is a real gymnastics for the mind and if you can win the World Championships in this field – it creates an ideal sport for everybody.

    The World Sudoku Championship and the World Puzzle Championship are organized on behalf of the World Puzzle Federation (WPF). Teams consisting of 4 players are selected by national puzzle organisations which are officially registered within WPF and only representatives of those organisations can register participants.
    Exemption is made for players from countries without official representation in WPF but they need to be a personal member of WPF.

    ‍The World Sudoku Championship consists of 15 rounds. A special Gala Dinner and Award Ceremony will take place on Tuesday, October 18.

    On the other hand, the winners of World Puzzle Championship will be awarded on Saturday, October 22 after 17 individual and team rounds.

    Puzzles for the WPC were created by the following designers (in the alphabetical order):

    Arvi Teikari, @ESAdevlog on Twitter, 
    – Eric Fox,
    – Freddie Hand, @Puzzle_Maestro on Twitter,
    – JinHoo Ahn,
    Martin Ender, @menderbug on Twitter,
    – Michał Stajszczak,
    – Psyho, @FakePsyho on Twitter,
    – RSP, @RS_Puzzling on Twitter,
    – Sam Cappleman-Lynes
    Serkan Yürekli, @yureklis on Twitter,
    – Tom Coward, @PolmanPoppins on Twitter,
    – Tomasz Stańczak

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