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    EHF European Handball Championship 2024 qualifiers: Second victory in a row [VIDEO]

    Only in the first half were the Latvians able to match the white and red. The Polish national team won the second game in the qualifiers for the 2024 European Handball Championships 37:19 (13:9). This is the best start in qualifications in a decade.

    The Poles started the qualifiers on Thursday with a 30:23 victory over Italy. Sunday’s task in front of the team led by Patryk Rombel seemed easier. The Latvians were smashed by France at 18:35. 


    The Latvians wanted to make up for any lack of skill with ambition and prowess. This strategy worked until about the 20th minute. The Poles had trouble bouncing back from their rivals by more than 1-2 goals. In this part of the game, the white-and-reds were not very effective.


    When the Polish national team started to attack more often, it translated into the result. They quickly jumped away from the Latvians to a distance of six hits. Eventually, the Poles went down at the break, winning 13:9. 


    As with Italy, the white-and-reds again played better in the second half. The efficiency rate definitely improved, but the Latvians also left more and more space in the defensive. The advantage grew and grew until it stopped at the number 18. The Poles won after the break by as much as 24:10. 



    The Poles won their second match in a row and for the moment lead the Group 8 table. However, the most important clashes in the Euro qualifiers await them in March. That’s when Polish handball players will face the French twice. Before that, in January, the French will be one of Poland’s group opponents in the World Championships.



    Latvia – Poland 19:37 (9:13)

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