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    Polish president for Italian TV: “Russia must be stopped”

    Russian imperialism must be halted to keep the world safe, Andrzej Duda, the Polish president, has told the Italian state-owned television RAI.

    In an interview aired on Tuesday evening, the Polish president said that “for the security of Europe, for the security of the world, the Russian imperialism must be stopped.”


    Duda also said that if Ukraine falls, Poland could be next.


    “We’re supporting Ukrainians because they are standing against Russian imperialism,” he argued.


    Duda also complained about what he saw as inadequate support from the European Union for some two million Ukrainian refugees that Poland is currently hosting.


    “It’s a shame that the European Union, the EU institutions and the left-liberal political circles that are today governing the EU and the European Parliament can’t look honestly at the issue and support a country whose people are selflessly helping others,” the president said.


    Duda, an ally of Poland’s conservative government, also expressed hope for good cooperation with the new right-wing Italian cabinet, which will likely be headed by Giorgia Meloni, and said that her policies “are much aligned with our view… of the world.”


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