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    Today, Poland's arguments are listened to, says EU affairs min

    Minister of EU Affairs Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk has said that the conclusions of the Friday-ended European Council summit reflect Poland’s ambitions and postulates, and Polish arguments are listened to today.

    “It is worth mentioning from the outset that the conclusions of the European Council Summit almost entirely reflect Polish ambitions and postulates. Today, Poland’s arguments are listened to and the proposed actions are implemented because it is very clear that we were right about Russia and others were wrong,” Szynkowski vel Sęk said commenting on the summit.


    The minister added that “Russia broke all international rules and attacked a neighbouring country. In Ukraine, people are being killed all the time, and civilian targets and strategic infrastructure are under attack. However, the effects of the Russian aggression against Ukraine are now faced by the whole world in various aspects – violation of the geopolitical order, but also in terms of the economic crisis. On the other hand, we are also all facing Russian disinformation, which is supposed to remove Russia from responsibility for crimes and the financial crisis and tire European societies with the consequences of the war, destabilise these countries, weaken their governments and force them to make concessions”.


    “That is why it is so important to combat this deceitful propaganda, as the European Council unanimously emphasized. This is also important for Poland because unfortunately the theses that try to remove the responsibility for the current crisis from Russia are used by some politicians of the Polish opposition in their internal political struggle. It’s deceitful, extremely irresponsible and unacceptable, it’s really like playing “Russian roulette,” Szynkowski vel Sek concluded.


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