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    36th St. Barbara's Day Mining Lamp Run

    Today, on October 23, 36th St. Barbara’s Day Mining Lamp Run started. The runners had to run 10km in Lubin. As every year, the organizers provided attractive prizes that were given to the best players in several categories.

    This year, the limit of participants in the run was 1500 people but the organizers registered a record attendance –  more than 1000 people took part in the run. 

    St. Barbara’s Day Mining Lamp Run is a sports event with great traditions. Initially, it was organized only for running miners, now it attracts many competitors from Poland and abroad.

    Check the pictures of special awards – “mining lamps”:

    Roman Adamowicz from Belarus was the first to reach the finish line after covering the 10-kilometer distance. Among women, Monika Jackiewicz turned out to be the fastest. This year’s Mining Lamp Run was held for the first time without additional runs such as relay races or a 1 mile run. The reason was the condition of the RCS facility, the treadmill of which is no longer suitable for such sports struggles.

    Congratulations to the winners!


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