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    Polish and American pilots train together to ensure the security of NATO's entire eastern flank

    “It is in Łask where Polish and American air force soldiers train together on a daily basis, covering the skies over Poland. This is the practical dimension of building interoperability between the Polish and American armed forces. We greatly appreciate the presence of American forces, including the air force, equipped with modern F-22 Raptor fighters,” Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of National Defence Mariusz Błaszczak said after a meeting with Polish and American pilots in Łask.

    “The presence of American air forces, here in Poland, is a very important argument in the policy of the North Atlantic Alliance, the policy of deterring a possible aggressor,” Błaszczak added.



    On October 24, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak and U.S. Ambassador to Poland Mark Brzezinski met with soldiers stationed at the 32nd Tactical Air Base in Łask.



    American F-22 Raptors from the US Air Force’s 90th Fighter Squadron and pilots of Italian Eurofighters stationed at the Malbork base are on duty in Poland as part of the NATO Air Shielding mission.  The Air Shielding mission guarantees airspace protection along the entire length of NATO’s eastern flank.


    The presence of the U.S. Air Force is also an opportunity to conduct Polish-American air training that is part of the preparations for the adoption of the F-35 to the Polish armed forces, which will be stationed in Łask.


    “We are very intensively modernizing the equipment of the Polish army. The United States is our main partner in this process. Polish Patriots are already on Polish soil, integrated. The final exercises for the introduction of Polish Patriots into the air and missile defence system are also taking place. We have submitted a request for proposal for more Patriot batteries, which we want to acquire to equip the Polish Army. Next year, the first Abrams tanks will be delivered to the Polish land forces, and a HIMARS rocket artillery squadron will arrive. A few days ago, we signed a lease agreement for the MQ9-Reaper unmanned reconnaissance system. So, we are consistently strengthening the Polish armed forces, working with the United States, thus building interoperability between our armed forces, deterring the aggressor and ensuring the security of Poland, but also the entire eastern flank of NATO,” the Deputy Prime Minister noted.


    The 32nd Tactical Air Base, where Polish and American pilots serve today, performs an important function in the defence system of the Republic of Poland. It is a unit with new structures that meet NATO requirements. It functions as part of the 2nd Tactical Air Wing with its command in Poznan. The main task of the 32nd Tactical Air Base is to improve capabilities in countering military and non-military crisis threats, including terrorism, as well as securing the activities of allied troops. It is one of the most modern units of the Polish Army, which constantly participates in international exercises both in Europe and around the world. As one of two units in Poland, it has F-16 aircraft with excellent combat capabilities for air combat and specialized tasks.


    The NATO Air Shielding mission integrates Allied air and Surface-Based Air and Missile Defence units into the NATO IAMD system under NATO Command and Control. It will provide a near seamless shield from the Baltic to the Black Sea, ensuring NATO Allies are better able to safeguard and protect Alliance territory, populations and forces from air and missile threat. (NATO)


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